Gilles Ratia

Since 1996, the beekeeping world has been connecting to the Apiservices portal server to keep up to date in several languages, exchange with other beekeepers and buy or sell beekeeping products/services.

So "Who are we?" or rather "Who am I? Gilles RATIA, owner and webmaster of this website, is a former professional beekeeper with 500 transhumant hives in south-west France in the 1970s. I then worked as an international beekeeping consultant in 134 countries, carrying out feasibility studies and monitoring and evaluating beekeeping development projects. I have written many popular articles, mainly for the magazine Abeilles et Fleurs.

On the strength of all this experience, I was elected President of Apimondia - the International Federation of Beekeeping Associations - for many years.

I also had a passion for computing, and developed the first Minitel server for beekeeping (in the late 80s), several applications for the beekeeping community: Gestapic, Apilogic, etc., and quite naturally I became involved in websites as soon as the network was opened up in France.,,,, etc., all these domain names pointing to the current site, are known the world over.

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Happy browsing!